Salomon skates with USD Carbon soul mod

I’ve probably done about 15 of these modifications for myself and many others. As well as countless other Salomon and other skate brand mods.

The Salomon ST boot is arguably one of the most comfortable aggressive in-line skates ever released.

For many it’s biggest downfall is it’s outdated soul-system. Though many people still prefer the classic stock boot.

With the release of the Deshi and USD Carbon skates, a soul plate was developed that made modernizing Salomon STs very practical.

With the soul plates minimal weight and shape enough material can be removed to fit these to the bottom of Salomons and give them the ability to grind like any modern skate on the market.

Here’s the most recent mod I’ve done. A pair of rare blue Salomon ST-8s in a size US 8 with size small USD Carbon soul plates:ImageImage


Here’s what the top of the soul plate looks like totally prepared for Salomon boots:Image

Here’s a comparison of a stock soul plate and a modified soul plate. Note that I’ve added holes for the stock screws so that the plate is securely fastened to the boot:Image


For additional comfort on non-UFS boots I drill a flat hole for the front frame bolt receptor. This makes the receptor flush with the bottom of the boot so that it doesn’t dig into the ball of your foot. It’s not necessary to do this for the rear receptor as there is a heel shock pad over it:Image

If you are looking to have your Salomon boots modified then please contact me at

I charge a flat $50 rate if you are supplying the boots and soul plates.

I can obtain many Salomon models in many sizes very easily.

Carbon soul plates can be purchases for about $35 brand new.

That’s all for now,

Keep blading!


4 responses to “Salomon skates with USD Carbon soul mod”

  1. trey says :

    Trying to get a hold of you about doing a salo mod but did not get a reply through email. please respond to this or by email.

  2. Holly says :

    Hi there, I wondered if you’d tried a mod of Salomon skates with the new Xsjado 2.0 one piece soul plates yet? I have an old pair of Salomons and would be interested in trying to convert them to UFS. Any tips you can give? What’s been the easiest mod of all the ones you’ve done? Which mod has been the least destructive to the Salomon boot? Which plate fit the salomon boot the best? Which would you recommend? Thanks

    • thursdaycustoms says :

      Hello. I believe I tried loosely fitting the souls on when I had 2.0s. They’re great souls. I think it would be very minimal modifying to the boot to get them to fit. Probably no modification to the souls. So these may actually be the easiest. Carbons are very labor intensive and take quite awhile.

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